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In the third part of the RTVS series we will take a look at the German Democratic Republic before 1989, as well as contemporary Germany. The stage production My File and I brought together on stage people who, in the 1980s, were prosecuted or exiled for their activities, and a former STASI collaborator. Even though communication between the two parties seemed initially impossible, it eventually resulted in a stage production where the telling of stories full of pain and injustice on the one hand, and the waking up and struggle with guilt on the other hand, brought about jointly felt catharsis. This fine example of a well functioning community where all parties are willing to take a long, hard look at their past, is set in historical context, against the backdrop of various opposition movements of the 1980s and the best equipped and most numerous political police.
What does it take to build the densest network of secret collaborators in the Eastern bloc? What will be left of your life after a “file” has disappeared from it? How is the totalitarian past dealt with in a country whose people have had to deal with the trauma of being the culprits responsible for World War II? Creators of the TV documentary have searched for answers to these questions together with the authors of My File and I – Clemens Bechtel, Michael Schloser, Jürgen Gottschalk and Peter Wachs –, and employees at the BSrU (archives for STASI documents) Ilona Raue and Konrad Felber. My File and I, produced by the Staatschaulspiel in Dresden, is one of the outcomes of the project Parallel Lives – 20th Century Through the Eyes of Secret Police, whose initiator, main organiser and producer is the Divadelná Nitra Association.

Aired on Saturday 25.10.2014 at 21.00 on channel Dvojka

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