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The second part of the RTVS series offers a look at Hungary in the 1950s. The story of a young psychiatrist whose career development was halted when her superiors had her interned in hospital and declared her to be insane, reveals the fragile boundary between the rulemakers (psychiatrists), and those who have to follow the rules (patients). The metaphor of a psychiatric institution made it possible to study the ways how society established standards of behaviour, monitored compliance and punished non-compliance with these standards. The uncertain situation in Hungary preceding the Soviet occupation (using heavy tanks) in 1956, as well as following the occupation, when the governing power passed through the hands of different party fractions and the intervening leadership in Moscow was looking for reliable and sufficiently loyal people whom they would appoint to high-level position in the state administration, resembles very much the circumstances of the story of R. Z..
What instruments can be used to control society? How is the inability to reckon with the totalitarian past reflected in society? How much is society deformed by relativization of values? Creators of the TV documentary have searched for answers to these questions together with the authors of the stage production entitled Reflex – Péter Závada and Dániel D. Kovács –, historians Krisztián Ungváryi and Magdolna Baráth, and psychologist Melinda Kovai. Reflex, produced by Budapest-based Szputnyik Shipping Company, is one of the outcomes of the project Parallel Lives – 20th Century Through the Eyes of Secret Police, whose initiator, main organiser and producer is the Divadelná Nitra Association.

Aired on Saturday 18.10.2014 at 21.00 on channel Dvojka

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