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SkRAT Theatre, Bratislava

Divadlo SkRAT, Bratislava



SkRAT Theatre draws on the activities of the association “For Contemporary Opera” which was founded in 2000 as a reaction of a group of artists to the lack of opportunities to realize contemporary music and drama forms as well as opera forms without the compromises which have become inevitable practice whenever there is cooperation with big opera and theatre companies. The association has been the legal entity representing the SkRAT Theatre until nowadays. The SkRAT Theatre produce their own authorial texts right during their rehearsals, thus all actors become co-authors of the plays. Collective authorship or situational improvisation right on the stage is typical for the SkRAT’s unique poetics. The SkRAT Theatre regularly perform their plays in Bratislava and have successfully participated at several festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and other. The most appreciated productions are Central Europe Loves You (2004), Die, Snuff and Kick the Bucket…!!! (2005), Dead Souls (2008), Buggers and Suckers (Medzinárodný festival Divadelná Nitra 2011, Neue Stücke aus Europa, Wiesbaden 2012).

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Association Divadelná
Svätoplukovo nám. 4
950 53 Nitra
Skype: nitrafest
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Tel.: +421 37 652 4 870
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