Aleš Březina / Ľubomír Burgr / Gianina Cârbunariu / Tomasz Kire¢czuk / Dániel D. Kovács / Radek Rychcik / Dušan Vicen / Péter Závada / Petr Zelenka

Clemens Bechtel



bechtel_topClemens Bechtel (1964)

studied Applied theatre Sciences at the University of Giessen, Germany. Since the age of 20, he has been working as an independent drama director in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Denmark, Romania, Mali and Malawi. Historical and political phenomena are the central subjects of his theatre work. He also writes plays and scenarios or develops them with actors and experts. His play Staats-Sicherheiten, a project about prisons in the former GDR, received the 2008 Friedrich Luft Prize in Berlin as the best performance. Staats-Sicherheiten has also been shown in the Parliament House in Berlin and on national television. Bechtel’s work is mainly focused on issues such as migration and trafficking (Le pays où en fabrique l’argent, Bamako, Mali 2008, Dansk Design, Aalborg, Denmark 2010) and international conflicts (Potsdam-Kunduz, Potsdam, Germany 2011, The Prisoner’s Dilemma, Tübingen, Germany 2007, Siebenbürgen, Süsse Heimat/Tu Ardeal, Sibiu, Romania 2007). Most of his performances are regarded as examples of the new German political documentary theatre.


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